About Us

At Pizzalunga, we are obsessed with making the perfect pizza for you. We pride ourselves on great food and great service. We create authentic Italian pizzas, made with the finest ingredients. All of our pizzas are rolled out by hand and wood fired, including our metre long pizzas. Enjoy the spectacle of watching our chefs in action, creating and cooking your pizza for a truly entertaining dining experience.

Our chef/owner, Carlo, comes from Treviso (in the Veneto region), a small town about half an hour north of Venice. It was here that he grew up with the tantalising tastes of traditional Italian pizza and it was here that he trained and worked as a ‘Pizzaiolo’, a Pizza Chef. He migrated to Australia in 2011 with a dream to bring authentic Italian pizza and wood fired metre long pizzas to Brisbane. We hope you enjoy the realisation of his dream at Pizzalunga!

Join us at Pizzalunga; for a slice of pizza and a slice of Italy! Carlo
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What does ‘Pizzalunga’ mean?

The name ‘Pizzalunga’ comes from the Italian words ‘pizza’ and ‘lunga’ meaning ‘long pizza’, referring to our metre long and half metre long pizzas. These pizzas are available both dine in and take away. Can’t decide which pizza flavour to order? Why not bring your friends or family down to Pizzalunga and order your pizza by the metre to share? Order up to four different flavours per metre long pizza. Check out our menu now to decide which four you want to try tonight! Or if you’d rather stay in then why not forget the cooking tonight and pick up a metre long pizza for the family? Or do you want to have friends over for dinner but don’t want the hassle of catering? Then just order our Pizzalunga by the metre for one delicious dinner, minus the mess and hard work. Of course, we also have 33cm round pizzas if you are feeling more traditional.

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Are we licensed?

Our restaurant is fully licensed in order to give you a complete dining experience. Why not try a Spritz? As the most popular alcoholic drink in the Veneto region, it is the perfect refreshment to go with your pizza. Or maybe you’d prefer a beer or a wine? Just sit back and relax and let our staff help you find the perfect accompaniment for your pizza to suit your tastes.